Palisades News Letters: Caruso’s Wonderful Village

Regarding the editorial “Mr. Caruso and the POV Agreement.” As the closest residents—we live on Monument Street directly across from the Swarthmore gateway to Caruso’s Palisades Village— we have from the very beginning been interested in how his development will improve life in Pacific Palisades.

Thanks to Rick Caruso and his extraordinary management and construction teams, we have watched the old, decaying and depressing remnants of the old village torn down and the construction of a vibrant and architecturally beautiful one in progress. Although questions were asked by many in good conscience about how well our town’s Village personality will be retained in the new one, I can tell you that every single reasonable concern including traffic was addressed, researched and resolved, with no expense spared, by the Caruso team.

We are in our 70s. My wife has been living here for 25 years, and has never witnessed a developer who has done nearly as much, listening to the community and bending over backwards to accommodate almost everyone’s concerns. On the other side, we have watched a very small fringe group resistant to change of any kind, no matter how well thought out.

This group has attempted to block many initiatives in the vain of “protecting” our village. They claim to have large numbers, but in fact represent a tiny fraction (less than 1%) of those living near the development and throughout the Palisades, a majority of which can’t wait to see the new Village open.

Mary Kinzelberg and Jay Rosenthal

(Editor’s note: We totally agree that Palisades Village will revitalize our business district north of Sunset. Our editorial simply focused on supporting the agreement reached by Caruso and the Protect Our Village leaders.)

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