Palisades News Letters: Cell-Tower Bill Vetoed

The Pacific Palisades Community Council is happy to report that Governor Brown has vetoed SB 649—the dangerous bill sponsored by the telecom industry that would have removed the ability of cities and counties to regulate cell towers in the public right of way and on public property statewide.

The Governor’s veto statement can be read at:

We are pleased that PPCC played a role in this victory for the principle of local control/”Home Rule.” PPCC will remain vigilant as the industry is expected to introduce revised legislation in the future in an effort to streamline local approval of thousands of 5-G installations.

Meanwhile, PPCC will be pressing for the L.A. City Council to move forward with much-needed revisions to the local Above Ground Facilities (AGF) ordinance (regulation of cell towers and other facilities in the public right of way), which PPCC supports. Revisions have been inexplicably stalled in committee for more than a year.

Maryam Zar,
PPCC Chair

Chris Spitz,
PPCC Chair Emeritus

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