Palisades News Letters: Chautauqua Needs Complete Redo

Regarding the item “Chautauqua Is Crumbling,” resurfacing that street would be a waste of money. The issue with lower Chautauqua is the inadequate drainage under the road. This is clearly visible by the water seeping out of the middle of the road near the center line by the last apartment building.

We don’t even need rain; just sprinkler run-off creates enough water flow under the asphalt to push up with the hydrostatic pressure from the downhill gradient. Let’s ask Los Angeles City to do the job right for a change and save money in the long run.

On a separate note, we should also ask Councilman Mike Bonin why the city keeps on reapplying the surface sealer to the exact same areas while other sections nearby never get sealed and have started breaking up (alligatoring). Examples are at La Cruz and Swarthmore and DePauw and Haverford.

Martin Kappeyne

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