Palisades News Letters: Curfew on Local Beaches

(Editor’s note: Several readers said that after reading the February 21 article about the possibility of the overnight curfew being lifted on five local beaches, they wrote letters to the public officials, including Councilman Mike Bonin, and received the following reply from Bonin.)

Thanks for your email. I apologize if you were misinformed by a story in the Palisades News. Had the newspaper bothered to contact my office, they would have learned that the January 25 [mitigated] negative declaration [from the L.A. City Recreation and Parks], which sought to remove the curfew for parts of several beaches in Los Angeles, was done at the urging of the office of the City Attorney, absent consultation with or notification of any of the elected officials who represent the coastal area. When my office was notified, we contacted the Department of Recreation & Parks and asked them to withdraw the negative declaration, which I understand they have done. If the department has any intention to reissue the negative declaration, I will oppose it.

Mike Bonin,
Councilmember, 11th District

(Editor’s note: The News replied to Bonin by email on February 24, reminding the councilman that we never wrote that he supported the curfew being repealed. Instead, the News told Bonin that we had learned that the city was going to refile and thought he might like support for his position from residents, especially if they provided feedback to the California Coastal Commission.)

The city is proposing to drop the sunset-to-sunrise curfew at five beaches, including Will Rogers Beach.
Photo: Shelby Pascoe
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