Palisades News Letters: David Tishbi’s Ring Competition

(Editor’s note: Our own Rosemary Kelly entered David Tishbi Jewelry’s Summer of Love contest at 859 Via de la Paz. Owner David Tishbi is giving away six rings to three lucky couples during the contest, which ended July 31. Entrants only had to write why they wanted a ring.)

A diamond ring—my engagement ring! A future of married bliss. It was the first ring I had ever received, 55 years ago back in Rhodesia, given to me by one of the most handsome men I had ever met and he swept me off my feet.

It slipped so easily on my then-slim finger and was admired by all. Now, sadly, with advancing years my knuckles have swollen with arthritis. The ring is sitting in a box like a lonely petunia in an onion patch. It would be such joy to put that little bit of sparkle back on my finger and reminisce on days of yore!

Rosemary Kelly

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