Palisades News Letters: Donating to Youth and Government

My name is Thomas Schramm; you may know me as the son of Wendy Greuel and Dean Schramm. Currently, I am a freshman in high school and this year I have had the amazing opportunity to take part in a program called Youth and Government.

We serve as the youth version of our California State government and get to work in the actual Capitol building in Sacramento! The program is run through the California YMCA and focuses on helping participants further their leadership skills. This is a life-changing experience, as it provides kids with a second family, a safe place to share ideas, and a community in which public policy is always discussed.

We have 4,000 delegates within the program from all across the State of California, but the problem is that not everyone comes from a family with the financial resources to allow them to take part.

There are countless delegates who need YOUR support to take part in this amazing program. I’m asking you today to give another delegate the same wonderful opportunities I’ve been given, and DONATE. All the funds you give go directly to scholarships. To donate, go to:

Thomas Schramm

(Editor’s note: About 127 students from the Palisades-Malibu YMCA attended the Youth Government program recently.)

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Palisades-Malibu Youth and Government member Neku Dorri is on the California Assembly Floor, serving as the Assembly committee chair. Students raise their name placards to be recognized. Photo: Ali Sheaffer
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