Palisades News Letters: Ham Radio Volunteers Are Ready to Help in Emergency

Ham Radio Volunteers Are Ready to Help in Emergency

I read with the great interest the letter published in your December 21 issue by Karen Ridgley regarding the loss of cell-phone capability when there is a power outage that impacts cell towers. The only reliable means of communication when there is no power is by amateur (ham) radio, as it does not rely on any infrastructure and can be powered by alternate energy (battery, propane, gasoline, natural gas, solar).

Recently, Scott Reaser and I sent letters to Michael Bonin’s office, the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce and Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore describing the exact situation that Ms. Ridgley outlined. The letters also offered some help in the form of a group of amateur radio operators in Pacific Palisades who regularly meet and practice passing messages in case of an emergency.

We, the group, offered to work with anyone designated to provide emergency radio communications when needed. We received a positive response from Councilman Bonin’s office but they asked us to contact Chief Nida of the Fire Department. We initially received no response from the other two addressees.

A second attempt was made to contact the LAPD and the Chamber of Commerce. The LAPD responded and thought we had a great idea but there was no one to act as a liaison. We haven’t yet received a response from the Chamber.

I am personally involved in two emergency groups: Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the Auxiliary Communication Service. ARES is responsible for supporting 63 hospitals in the L.A. area and ACS is a statewide agency administered by the Fire Department.

Along with my fellow volunteers, I train many times a year with many agencies such as LAPD, LAFD, FBI, local police, metro police, hospitals, National Guard and other agencies. The word amateur (radio) means we are not paid. But we strive for professionalism in our chosen hobby.

If there is a desire to obtain more information, or if you want me to give a presentation to any group, please contact me via email at

Terry Hall

Crayon Collection Is Growing

As we look back on 2016 we are so proud to see the positive impact we have made on the environment and art education. Witnessing the Palisades-based Crayon Collection spread far and wide is a true blessing.

As an end-of-year tradition, my family and I took a trip (to Hawaii) and one day over breakfast at the Montage hotel in Kapalua Bay, I started getting that feeling I get when I see all the tables around me with virtually unused crayons sitting there waiting to be trashed. As always, I asked for the manager and I explained what the Crayon Collection is and why it’s so important to donate left- behind crayons to a school nearby versus trashing them.

She stopped me to say that she already knew about our program and her restaurant already donates their crayons to the kindergarten classroom at the elementary school down the road. To take it a step further, over the summer they collect the crayons for one staff member to take to Africa!

What an amazing experience that was and what a perfect way to close out the year. We are beyond excited to share what we have coming up in 2017. Please visit our website

Sheila Morovati and the Crayon Collection Team

Walker Is One Smart Kid

I want to affirm what the wise seventh-grader, Will Walker, wrote in his Letter to the Editor (“Opposed to a Special Bike Lane,” December 21). Traffic on Temescal Canyon Road at Pacific Coast Highway is bad enough and bordering on unsafe. Removing a lane for cars to create a special bike lane would be reactionary and unwise. I shudder to imagine trying to evacuate from our homes in an emergency with only three exit routes (Sunset, Temescal and Chautauqua). To further hinder one of the three routes is downright reckless.

Thanks for writing, Will!

Cindy Hains

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