Palisades News Letters: Hampden Place Is a Gem

It’s a shame that your editor, Sue Pascoe, did not see fit to do justice for the lovely street we call home (“Residents Question Hampden Project”). There are grave safety concerns for the people of Hampden Place even without the threat of this project in development. We have legitimate concerns since even on garbage day every week, our one-way narrow street is impassable for the garbage trucks. Emergency vehicles have a difficult time navigating the street.

Some of the homes may be “small,” as she calls them, but they are our homes where we raise our families, and everyone on Hampden Place takes great care of their properties. Our property taxes still pay for the streets and schools your reporter uses. We live our lives on what she labels (and reduces to) an “odd little street.”

To make matters worse in her very first paragraph, she mentions a murder that happened over 50 years ago (which she gets wrong by calling it a double murder), and my question is this: What on god’s green earth does that have to do with the proposed development of two McMansions on a quiet street close to the village in Pacific Palisades?

They are planning on destroying the trees and the owl/hawk habitats, and this should be a concern for all residents of the Palisades, whether they live on Hampden Place or in the Huntington. 

I guess those of us who call Hampden Place home should be grateful one of your writers paid our “odd little street” any attention at all in the swanky Pacific Palisades. The lack of respect for our concerns based on the size or our homes and a murder that occurred a million years ago is very revealing.

Perhaps as residents of the neighborhood, we should be treated with far more respect whether we are movie stars with huge floorplans or families with sensible lives. She got so many facts wrong, including there are two lots in question, not four. The developer cheated all through this process to get his homes the permits he needed. Next time, perhaps one of your reporters could start their investigation there.

I will not go on as I’ve clearly made my point. I hope the next street with greedy developers cheating their way through the permit process and lying about hauling routes in Pacific Palisades receives far better treatment than Sue Pascoe deemed Hampden Place worthy.

Laura Tompkins

(Editor’s note: Originally there were four lots, according to city records and a covenant that would have allowed one house on those lots. The four lots have been combined into two lots, with the developer able to put aside the covenant, allowing two homes on the lots.)

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