Palisades News Letters: Highlands Proposed Senior Living

After reading the accounts of the referenced interested parties and the hearings/meetings conducted in your November 1 editorial, I could not determine if those opposing the Highlands senior living project claimed it violated any specific building regulation, or code.

If the vacant property provides an unobstructed view to other properties while vacant, how does building a structure conforming to existing height and zoning restrictions, constitute a violation of any code? (Is “inconvenience” to opposing neighbors, a zoning code?)

Did “HUG” (Orwell lives!), claim that ambulances are a burden to everyone who doesn’t have a medical transportation need?

Those of us who don’t reside in the Highlands marvel at the idea of there being no need, or want, for any aged relatives of members of HUG to be provided accommodation in the same zip code! Is there an age limit at Casa Nostra?

Please ask the members of the entity (“association” or “board”) associated with the individual who wrote the letter referenced in the second to last paragraph, if he or she, is still in good standing!

I’m sure the sound of crickets will be noticeably, audible!

Ted Rosenblatt

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