Palisades News Letters: Keep the Donations Coming

Many thanks to all the generous donors who have dropped off used items for the homeless and needy at our Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce office (at 15330 Antioch).

Immediately after we receive your donations of clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries and other items at the Chamber office, they are delivered to the Ocean Park Community Center and distributed to those in need, whether they are sleeping on the street or need clean and better clothing for job interviews.

If every donor could hear the profuse thanks received when a person is given a simple pair of socks, tee shirt or blanket, you would be assured you did a good, decent thing by donating.

Please keep up this generous and good work. Thanks.

Ella Zarky
(Chamber of Commerce President Susan Payne wrote: “We’ve gotten a huge amount of donations and wish to keep it going.”)

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