Palisades News Letters: Kindness to the Mentally Ill

Regarding Michael Kahn’s August 9 letter, I was saddened to hear that someone who does have children say that a mentally ill man is “playing many in this town for fools.” I find it hard to believe that “Timmy” chose to be mentally ill, chose to curse when children are present or chose to defecate or urinate in public.

He is mentally ill and this not by choice. It is a hard life. I agree we should not enable homelessness, but should support assistance to the mentally ill as much as we can. It is not “enabling” to give time or money to the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness to help these people. Most of all, pray for them and pray that you will not have to address such a devastating illness in your own children or family.

Christina Lewis

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