Palisades News Letters: Mentally Ill Deserve Help

(Editor’s note: The following letter was sent in response to Mary Lacis’s letter in the July 26 News, which argued that although she did not support enablers, she felt that one should not look down on those who did.)

Do you have children? If so, I wonder if you have ever walked by the homeless man Timmy, only to have him curse you and your children?

Or maybe your children have had the pleasure, as my young children did, of seeing Timmy half naked, urinating half into a plastic bag and half onto the sidewalk. Maybe you have been so fortunate, as my family also was, of witnessing Timmy defecate in the bushes against the wall at the car wash, across from the Garden Cafe.

To be clear, Timmy is a health hazard . . . and a safety hazard. This past winter he was camping on the Sunset sidewalk in front of Ralphs in the rain.

“A kind-hearted enabler” had provided Timmy with a pop-up tent, which had been poorly fastened to a parking meter and a tree trunk. The tent blew into Sunset at night. I wonder what your thoughts would be had the tent caused a horrific accident, maybe killing a young mother or father, or an entire family.

I, for one, am not a fan of Timmy’s. I think he’s playing many in this town for fools. And these fools are putting the rest of us and our children at risk.

Perhaps you yourself have the time, talent and compassion to provide Timmy with all that he needs on a permanent basis, in the warmth of your own home.

Michael Kahn

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