Palisades News Letters: New Substation Needed

New Substation Needed

My family lives on Las Casas Place near the proposed DWP power station. I support building this substation on the DWP-owned lot on Marquez Avenue. On very warm days or stormy days we usually lose power at my house because the power lines in our neighborhood are overburdened with power demand.

Many newer and bigger homes have been built in our neighborhood and this is putting stress on the existing power infrastructure. These power outages happen very frequently and cause many problems for our neighborhood, such as traffics lights going out, refrigerators losing power, and no lights in our homes. I know many of my neighbors have concerns about building the power station near their schools, homes and businesses, but there are many power stations in Los Angeles in very similar neighborhoods. I support building the DWP power station on the Marquez Avenue lot.

Jack Kuhner

Terri Bromberg: A Great Teacher

What a delight to turn the pages of your Dec. 21 issue and see my former teacher, “Terri Bromberg: Dancing with Glass.” Her glass art is so fun and colorful, and I would have loved to have taken her glassblowing course, but it was always full! Still, I am grateful to have had one Design class with her several years ago. She was warm, encouraging and confident. A great artist and a great teacher! Thank you for featuring her.

Kelli Kirkle

Shell Station Redesign

I read Sue Pascoe’s news story about the redesigning of the Shell station on Sunset at Via de la Paz (“DRB Debates Shell Station Issues,” Nov. 18). Thank you for the article. I, as a pre-teen, frequently walk or drive past the Shell gas station. It’s been there for years now and never changed. I enjoyed reading about the different ideas and designs. I truly wonder, what will eventually happen to that space? The possibilities are endless.

Andrew Yang

(Editor’s note: The new owner of the Shell station has taken the first step towards redesigning the front of the property, eliminating the service bay and building a mini-market. The next step is for City Planning to look at the recommendations of the Pacific Palisades Design Review Board.)

Join the Homeless Count

The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness has stepped up in the past couple of years to attack homelessness in our community. A key metric is determining exactly how many homeless persons live in our area. This only can be accomplished by canvassing the area from Adelaide Drive to Coastline Drive to physically count the number of homeless people.

The count takes place every January under the auspices of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. This year we will be counting in the early morning hours of Jan. 26. It all takes three hours or less of your time to work with a team to search out and actually count homeless persons. If you could spare some time that morning, you will be doing a good deed.

Signup at: For more information contact Kim Clary,, or call (310) 230.8041. I personally have helped with the count and found it very rewarding.

George Wolfberg

(Editor’s note: The Palisades News editor has also participated in the count, which has included the Los Angeles Police Department and Palisades Patrol, and found it extremely interesting. Come join us on January 26.)

Marijuana Discussed at PPCC

One of the topics at the January 26 meeting of the Pacific Palisades Community Council will be the effects of marijuana on the teenage brain and its detrimental long-term consequences, presented by Dr. Corine Cross. She’d like to begin a discourse in communities near schools as to how to approach the increasing likelihood of pot sales around schools.

Please attend if you can, and encourage other educators and administrators in area schools with whom you are in touch to attend as well. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the Palisades Library.

Maryam Zar
President PPCC

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