Palisades News Letters: Regarding Jack Allen’s Viewpoint (“Why SB 827 Is Bad Legislation”)

Thank you for this chance to share my views. As I see it, the housing crisis is twofold. One part is due to the overregulation you alluded to. My solution is to get rid of the “necessary charges, fees, and/or assessments” so new housing can be more affordable.

I’d even go a step further and suggest we get rid of a slew of regulations that prevent people from building affordable housing in places like Topanga and Malibu. I know it means increasing density, and I don’t like it either, but that’s the way it is.

One thing we ought to do is analyze how much the foreign cash market has affected our housing crisis. I suspect it is a significant cause of squeezing the middle class out of the marketplace.

It is simply not fair to continue the way we are going, and to stop building housing won’t stop homelessness. As things are, locals are competing with a global market for limited housing. And it is only possible for the people who make the most money, to become homeowners here and live the American Dream. Is this what we want? A city of wealthy haves and less wealthy have-nots? This land belongs to all of us, and we need to share because the inequality is becoming ugly.

Jane Pannor

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