Palisades News Letters: Stop the 881 Alma Real Illegal Sign

Despite the decision of the DRB (design review board), in spite of the original ruling of the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission, and despite the opinion of our Community Council, the Palisadian-Post is determined to erect its illegal sign on the 881 Alma Real building.

Yes, due to the negligence of the L.A. City Planning Commission their own ruling was reversed and the Post can now proceed with the installation of their sign. This flagrant action by the Post undercuts the power of our DRB and the Specific Plan which has governed and molded the character of our Village for almost three decades. The Village has remained a village, quaint, uncluttered and without a proliferation of signs.

The authority of our DRB and Specific Plan is now under attack and will become impotent. It is now on the endangered species list. Its demise is eminent.

It’s time for Palisadians to voice their objections and take action. Write letters to the Palisadian-Post and our city officials responsible for this travesty. Inundate the Post with your objections and gather petitions.

ACT NOW! Save our Village.

Joan Graves

Palisades News welcomes all letters, which may be emailed to Please include a name, address and telephone number so we may reach you. Letters do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the Palisades News.

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