Palisades News Letters: ‘Theft’ of Quimby Funds

I just perused today’s issue of the Palisades News (March 7, “Rec Center Loses $90K in Quimby Funds”) and was shocked that there was no follow up to your front-page article. If I may respectfully suggest, the title of your article does not allude to the full scope of this $5 million+ issue. Perhaps that is why there is not more interest?

I live in Brentwood and have patronized Barrington Rec Center for nearly two decades. The youngest two of my four children are in elementary school and still participate regularly in organized sports at the Barrington facility.

The small gym at the Rec Center needs new paint, windows replaced and the floors redone, but yet it received an A-.

To think the park had set aside over $1 million for improvements and that it was quietly siphoned off by a group of mayor-appointed “volunteers” for another project is outrageous. The park suffers from a plethora of neglect, including broken fences, large, uncleared cut trees, significant rodent infestation on all the fields resulting in unsafe turf conditions, antiquated building facilities, and inadequate parking.

Many of us have wondered all along why our facility, in the heart of Brentwood, is in such disrepair? Perhaps now we know! It is my understanding from reading your article that the Quimby funds are generated by new construction fees and supposed to be restricted to benefit the local community within a very tight radius.

Residents and commuters to the immediate area surrounding the Brentwood Rec Center have suffered for many years and to this day, with traffic generated from the never-ending construction in the area. Brentwood is most definitely in need of those funds and has apparently earned them. I am curious to know if you have followed up since first publishing the article or received any other feedback?

Tracci Shibuya

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