Palisades News Letters to the Editor June 15, 2016

Community Council Elections

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the Heard About Town comment (June 1) by the Palisadian after attending his first Pacific Palisades Community Council meeting. He has never been to one before and wasn’t even aware that he could vote for his Area Representative, but then lamented why he couldn’t vote for [PPCC] president?

I think the reason is that area reps campaign in localized neighborhoods for genuine votes from people who get to know them and learn their positions on various matters that affect the area. This way votes can be informed and not haphazard.

Someone who’s never been to a PPCC meeting can hardly make an informed choice about the role of president without knowing what the role entails and having gotten to know the candidate(s) for the position over the course of years of having watched them on the Board. An uniformed vote is a terrible thing.

Maryam Zar
Incoming PPCC President

Step Up and Support Community

Thank you for bringing the Village Green to the attention of the community in your May 18 issue (“Funds Needed for the Village Green”).

I, for one, am a regular visitor to the VG, meeting friends for coffee, sometimes a take-out lunch and occasionally business meetings. I’m amazed that most people in our community do not know that this is a

privately-owned and maintained treasure in the heart of our Village. Now, more than ever, it is important for the community to step up and contribute to maintaining this gem. (Visit for info on how to donate.)

During the Caruso Project construction phase, which will be starting soon, rather than heading out of town, whenever possible, show support for our community by patronizing the stores and restaurants on both sides of Sunset, from Ralphs to Gelson’s, as well as along Monument, La Cruz, lower Swarthmore, Antioch and Via de la Paz. Our central business district could easily become a ghost town during the next 18 months. Let’s show our support now, and in the future, to the Village Green and to our local businesses to ensure a vibrant Village for years to come.

Sandy Eddy
Past President, Palisades Chamber of Commerce

Hats Off to Election Volunteers

Many thanks to all the volunteers in Pacific Palisades (and throughout Los Angeles County), who worked tirelessly on June 7 to ensure a fairly smooth voting process. I had the pleasure of working with two colleagues, Betsy Rosenthal and Brett Newton, at Marquez Charter Elementary School. I also want to acknowledge the assistance from the school staff which also played an integral role in the process, as do many others, whether it is a private residence, church or other location.

The turnout at our precinct was steady throughout the day, and it was gratifying to assist nearly a dozen young people voting for the first time. They were elated to be a part of the democratic process as we walked them through all the pertinent steps. We also appreciated all the voters who came to the polls to cast their ballots or to drop off vote-by-mail ballots, and those who sent in ballots via U.S. mail.

The day is long for the volunteers (we do receive a modest stipend: less than $4 an hour). All volunteers must arrive by 6 a.m. to set-up the precinct and open the polls by 7 a.m. We work steadily throughout the day until the polls officially close at 8 p.m.

Although exhausted, the poll workers must pack up the multitude of materials and literature, voting booths and ballot boxes. This does not include the task of thoroughly counting the on-site casted ballots, vote-by- mail ballots, provisional ballots and voided ballots (yes, people make mistakes). Once the count is validated, the paperwork must be delivered to an official election center (our center was in Santa Monica).

As the November general election approaches, consider becoming a volunteer poll worker, go to or call (800) 815-2666 (select option #7).

Christy Dennis

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