Palisades News Letters: Voter Awareness Query

I live in District 11 and I received a letter in the mail from the California Voter Awareness Project. Not only was this letter an aggressive way of encouraging people to vote, the information provided was incorrect!

The information was not only incorrect for me, but for other members of my household. The letter had a list of other people one may or may not know, along with their supposed voting record. I say “supposed” because if my information is incorrect, others’ may be as well.

There wasn’t a return address, a postage stamp address, and there is no record of the source online or in the courts. The envelope had a red arrow that said “Important Tax Payer Information.”

Frances T. Berman

(Editor’s note: CBS had a story about this issue. ( The California Voter Project has denied being associated with the California Voter Awareness Project.)

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