Palisades News Letters: We Must Not Shame Enablers

I venture to guess the question—”Is enabling the best way to help [a homeless person] or the community?”— is code for “charity is allowing a homeless person to live in the Palisades, who makes us uncomfortable.” While there seems to be a direct correlation to homeless people and discomfort, especially to those insulated by wealth, we cannot forget to aid those in need. I do not support enabling poor behavior, but if Timmy is content living on the street, surviving on charity and living in a garage at night if he is so lucky, I doubt a cold shoulder will convince Timmy to become self-sufficient.

God forbid we enable a homeless person by providing him or her with a warm meal, transportation when stranded, or shelter in nights of chill. Instead of trying to get rid of Timmy and shaming the “enablers,” let us find a way to fix the root problem of Timmy’s homelessness. I daresay we have enough talent and time in this community to do so, but do we have the compassion?

Mary Lacis

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