Palisades Quilters Give It A Home Touch

Dorothy Miyake and her crochet group — Sandy DiSpirito, Judy Kaneko, Renee Kussner, Cathy Dunn, Sally Kaplan and Sally McCardle—crocheted 11 afghans and gave them to the Palisades High School College Center to give to the 11 students who were highlighted in the Palisades News Editorial in June.

We wrote: “Some of the families who have kids going off to college are struggling to raise enough money to cover the gap between the scholarships and the cost for books and other necessities. Other kids have to pay for everything on their own; their parents can’t help.

Three of the quilts given to 11 June graduates at Palisades High.
Three of the quilts given to 11 June graduates at Palisades High.

“Most of these kids won’t start out with new sheets and a comforter in their dorm room—instead, they will pack something in their suitcase and go. (Of course, some of them don’t have a suitcase.)

“What if…we treat these kids, ‘our’ kids— because they’ve been part of our community as students—to a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond or Target or Amazon? They aren’t asking. They aren’t looking for a handout. This would simply be a gift—another luxury most of these kids aren’t used to.”

Additionally, enough Palisadians donated to these students that the College Center employees were able to purchase $125 Target gift cards for each teen.

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