Palisadian Gregory Alper Teaches Language of Jazz

Gregory Alper, whose jazz group will perform at the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce Expo on May 7, offers a unique way of teaching all styles of music. He incorporates listening, singing and drumming in addition to all the traditional tools of reading, technique and theory.

“We learn language first by immersion; school comes later,” Alper said. “We hear and experience communication first.

“Music is a language,” he added. “There are many important aspects beyond learning notes.”

The Pacific Palisades resident is an acclaimed saxophonist, recording artist and composer who performed on the New York City jazz scene. He composed music for the original Warcraft video game and for film and television, and recorded five CDs, including the critically acclaimed Fat Doggie, recently re-released by First Hand Records (re-mastered at Abbey Road).

The Alper Jazz Band will perform at the Chamber of Commerce Expo May 6.
The Alper Jazz Band will perform at the Chamber of Commerce Expo May 6.

Alper has taught improvisation at UCLA Extension and leads the jazz band in conjunction with the Children’s Music Workshop Honor Orchestra.

Students can select private lessons with Alper, opt for a weekly jazz band or sign up for weekly summer jazz camps. The camps run Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., from June 19 through August 5. Half-day programs are also available. Students learn how to improvise and gain experience playing with pre-recorded tracks or professional musicians. All instruments are welcome, and the week culminates with a final concert performance.

“Music is a living thing all around and inside of us,” Alper said. “Technique and theory facilitate our ability to communicate and express our emotions. There are many ways to directly experience and make music even before a student has mastered the instrument or theory. We teach both, and the programs are always tailored to the level and mix of individuals who attend.”

Visit or call (310) 454-0160 for more information. 

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