Palisadians Express Passion During City Mansionization, Hillside Ordinance Talks

At the meeting held by the Los Angeles Planning Commission on Wednesday at Palisades Charter High School, about 130 people listened as new zone options were explored. If the proposed Baseline Mansionization Ordinance/Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BMO/BHO) passes through the city council, then the new zones would allow residents in the Pacific Palisades the freedom to customize what they would like to allow in a community.
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A board in the back of the room, titled “Current Design Trends” allowed people to place stickers on photos that they felt represented current neighborhood problems, such as loss of character; parking; not setback; loss of open space; looming buildings; driveway length and width; building size; perceived mass; grading; and building mass.
During the presentation, two men got into a loud argument. “You already put on a sticker. You can’t put on more than one! He’s putting on more stickers!” The other said, “We can put on as many as we want.” The argument grew louder and one woman in the audience shouted “Stop talking when she’s talking, you’re being really rude.”
The woman’s voice was enough to separate the two men, but their exchange was typical of the passion that simmered in the audience, causing periodic outbursts that were handled with aplomb by presenter Christine Saponara, over proposed zoning changes.
Palisades News will have a full story in the next paper, including the city planning commission vote on the proposed ordinance.
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