Potrero: A Truly Passive Park Below the Rec Center

In February 2011, City officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for Potrero Canyon Park and announced that the park would open to the public in 2016.

This celebration came years after the Potrero Park Citizen Advisory Committee, led by George Wolfberg, held numerous public meetings to define the park’s eventual uses and deal with various neighborhood concerns.

Norm Kulla, Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s senior deputy, was able to establish a special fund that has been paying the cost of completing the park, using the proceeds from the sale of city-owned home sites along the canyon’s rim.

When the park is ready for a ribbon-cutting one day (we hope!), it will be a passive recreation area featuring picnic areas and a hiking path from the Recreation Center down to PCH. Perhaps there will even be a pedestrian overpass to the beach.

Question of the week: Why do you think the park has not yet opened? Send your reasons to spascoe@palisadesnews.com.

Our top five reasons why the park has not opened:

  1. Nobody in City Hall knows where Potrero is located.
  2. City officials hope Palisades residents will forget about the Potrero Park fund, allowing that money to go in the general fund.
  3. Rim residents are worried that the homeless will move from their encampments along PCH into Potrero.
  4. Marquez residents are encouraging the DWP to build its new distribution station in Potrero.
  5. The Park is supposed to be riparian and no one knows what that means.
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