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In 1990 Randy and Betty Lou Young published a limited edition book titled Street Names of Pacific Palisades & Other Tales. This short series of summaries of these names is based on that book.


Most of the area between Muskingum and Las Casas, north and south of Sunset, was roughly laid out in 1923.

At that time, there were four sections called Temescal Heights, Las Pulgas Estates, Western Heights and Western Subdivision. In harmony with neighboring tracts, street names generally were either Spanish in origin or referred to Christian colleges.

A small area, opened in 1953, was known as the Palisades Riviera, and included only three streets, now part of the Palisair tract.


Akron: Name of a city and university in Ohio.

Alcima: “To the Crest” in Spanish.

Anoka: A Minnesota town on the Mississippi River.

Baylor: A Baptist college in Texas, named for one of the authors of the state constitution.

Bienveneda: “Welcome” in Spanish—it should have been spelled Bienvenida.

Castaic: An Indian rancheria north of Newhall.

Chalet: This short street was laid out in 1955, named after a cabin or Swiss hut.

Chattanooga: Methodist institute in Tennessee.

Las Canoas: “The Canoes” in Spanish.

Las Casas: “The Houses” in Spanish. This was named for an early missionary to the New World who became as a defender of the Indians in 1514.

Las Lomas: “Small Hills” in Spanish.

Las Pulgas: “The Fleas” in Spanish. Las Pulgas extends along Bienveneda.

Maroney: Named for a construction company manager, Maroney originally led to two large ranch-estates below Las Lomas.

Marquette: Named for an early missionary explorer along the Mississippi, and name of a university in Wisconsin.

Oreo: “Gentle Breeze” in Spanish.

Orlon: A synthetic fiber trademark.

Palisair: Probably emulating “Bel-Air,” combining Palisades and Bel-Air.

Palmera: “Palm Tree” in Spanish.

Pintoresca: “Picturesque” in Spanish.


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