Survey: Safe Bike Lane on Temescal Canyon Road

by Lou Kamer
In an effort to connect all Palisades residents to issues that affect them, resident Lou Kamer has launched a survey at  that deals with issues and options around town.
“The goal of the online surveys is to hear the opinions of as many of our residents as possible, so we have a true, democratic representation to pass on to local government and encourage more dialogue between us,” Kamer says. “Hopefully, these surveys can eventually be used by the Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) and all organizations in town to connect with Palisadeans.”
The first survey relates to current traffic options and is open now.  You may join an email list to be notified of future surveys.  All submissions are anonymous and results are posted publicly.
Lou Kamer is the incoming At Large Area Representative on the PPCC
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