Ted Lieu Sponsors Academy Day

Representative Ted Lieu will host a second annual bi-partisan, multi-district Service Academy Day on Sunday, Feb. 12. This is open for students in grades 6-11. Those interested must RSVP by Jan. 27 at ca33serviceacademyday.rsvpify.com.

This event is for those who dream of serving and protecting the United States of America as an officer. Those who attend service academies may learn to fly a fighter jet, captain a submarine and test the newest technologies.

There will be speakers from the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, parents, and current attendees at each of the Service Academies. Representatives from multiple Southern California Congressional offices will also be available to answer all academy-related questions.

Visit lieu.house.gov/services/military-academy-nominations for more information. 

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