Third Street Promenade Barnes and Noble to Close

The Third Street Promenade Barnes and Noble held out for quite a while, but it appears the book store will close its doors early next year, reports Santa Monica Next. It has operated its location at Third Street and Wilshire for more than 20 years.

Barnes and Noble did not disclose exactly when it will close, but sources confirmed with Santa Monica Next the company opted not to renew its lease, which is up at the end of January. The property owner is also reportedly planning to subdivide the ground floor.

Santa Monica City Councilmember Gleam Davis said the company’s decision to leave is a private matter. 

Changing consumer habits to shop at online retail giants like Amazon have been affecting brick and mortar operations for more than a decade, especially bookstores. 

Santa Monica Observer recently hinted that high rents were a possible reason for the book store’s closure, and that more tech companies will be replacing the space. (However, that link is blocked now with a message that the media outlet’s website is under construction.) When the link was live, Palisades News shared it to its Facebook page. Here are some reactions from our readers:

Claudette Brown – Move it to the Palisades!!!!! Like that will happen. Instead another swimwear shop will likely go in. Yes, I’m angry! Terrible news!

Robin Ashby – All bookstores fail in the Palisades. The longest one lasted many years but is now Cafe Vida.

Water Van – when did you last buy a book there

Tamara Owens-Bland – Sad but knew it was coming. Was only a matter of time.

Robin Ashby – B&N can afford the rent hike. Why don’t they stay?

Rod Aragon – It’s because no one is buying books at bookstores anymore. And I don’t think anyone reads past 140 characters.

Judith Newmark – Love that building!

Sara Boland Trepanier – So sad






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