Transients Asked to Leave Areas Along Will Rogers Beach

by Sue Pascoe

Santa Monica Canyon residents have noticed that a group of homeless people and their dog had been living along Will Rogers beach near Chautauqua for the past 10 days. Los Angeles Police Department’s Rusty Redican and Glanda Sherman visited them, and services were offered. They were rejected.

Instead, the group moved to an area north of Temescal Canyon and on May 2, LAPD visited the site and discovered the same people were drinking and using drugs. They were once again offered services, which were rejected, again.

“This is why our LAPD patrols along the beach are so important to deter this kind of activity and keep our beaches safe,” said Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homeless member Sharon Kilbride. 

Credit: Sharon Kilbride
Credit: Sharon Kilbride


Credit: Sharon Kilbride
Credit: Sharon Kilbride
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