Trees in Palisades BID District to be Trimmed Before Fourth of July

The following press release was sent by the Pacific Palisade Business Improvement District (BID):

The Pacific Palisades Business Improvement District (BID) announced they are starting to professionally trim all the trees within the district.  The first part of the project will start on June 29 or June 30 along Sunset, and be completed in time for the trees to be done for the Fourth of July parade. 

The trees along the other streets in the district will start the week of July 10. The map below shows all of the approximately 155 trees to be trimmed.  There will be some minimal lane closures, along each route from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

One of the BID’s missions is to provide clean and beautiful programs for the district, including tree trimming.  Since the City of Los Angeles has a very complicated and long wait time to get city tree’s trimmed, and since the trees in the BID district have not been professionally trimmed in many years, the BID has made it one of its priorities, along with other services its provides, including, sidewalk sweeping, sidewalk pressure washing, graffiti and handbill removal, trash removal and more. 

The Palisades BID will employ Luis Casas Tree Service, who has skillfully trimmed trees in various other business improvement districts in Los Angeles. 

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Palisades BID tree trimming map 2017.
Palisades BID tree trimming map 2017.



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