Two Rescued Pacific Palisades Cats Have Different Stories

Jeaneen and Mika Fabbro, who live in Tahitian Terrace overlooking the ocean, have two cats of far differing IQ’s.

Five-year-old Jagger ran up a tree after being chased by a coyote, but then refused to come down. The Fabbros, who own Beach House by Mikaila, tried different methods of coaxing him to leave his perch, but nothing worked.

As the days went by, the two owners became increasingly concerned. They called the Los Angeles Fire Department, who told them they no longer take pets out of trees because they don’t have the proper equipment and are worried the pets will jump and get hurt.

After five days, and still no movement from Jagger, Jeaneen Googled how to get a cat down from a tree and found SMART (Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team). This specialized division of the L.A. Department of Animal Services is free to residents.

Jagger was rescued from a tree by a specialized animal rescue team.

According to neighbor Wendy Anderson, Jeaneen called and SMART responded, although it took several hours to coordinate Jagger’s rescue.

“A cherry-picker truck was borrowed from the DWP and a professional climber was called in from the Valley,” Anderson said. “They did an amazing job and Jagger was rescued in less than an hour.”

Anderson, a Palisades News contributor who photographed the dramatic rescue, reported that “Jagger was very hungry and thirsty and is now watching the outside world comfortably from his sofa inside.”

Meanwhile, the Fabbros’ other cat, Gunnar, 3, the smarter “sibling,” no longer requires a kitty-litter box.

“Jagger needs the city to rescue him from a tree,” Jeaneen said. “Gunnar has taught himself to use the toilet.” She explained that both were rescue cats. Jagger was found living in a tree. “He was so small he could be held in the palm of your hand and was badly injured from what looked like talon tears. I guess he has an affinity for trees.”

Gunnar was found living under an apartment building in the Valley. Jeaneen noted he eats spider webs. “I often wonder if eating small bugs and spider webs kept him alive until he was rescued,” she said. “If he’s not racing around our ‘catio,’ or peeing in the toilet, he’s eating spider webs!”

(For animal rescue: contact SMART at (888) 4LA-PET1 or (999) 452-7381 or visit:

Two cats with differing IQs were rescued from a tree by a specialized animal rescue team. Gunnar here taught himself to use the toilet.


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