Village School Adds New Landscaping

The Village School building on Swarthmore was completed in 1994, and the landscaping followed shortly afterwards. Over the years, with the exception of replacing an occasional plant, the landscaping stayed the same.

This past summer, new plants were installed, and feedback from the community has been positive.

“Our goal was to have the design be more cohesive and consistent with the Mediterranean architecture of the building,” said Head of School Nora Malone. “We sought more drought-tolerant plants to lower the consumption of water.”

Village School has updated its 20-year-old landscaping. Photo: Shelby Pascoe
Village School has updated its 20-year-old landscaping.
Photo: Shelby Pascoe

Last year, the facilities committee, led by longtime parent Brian Weitman, who also is a member of the board of trustees, worked with the school administration to update the landscaping. There was overwhelming financial support for a plan that conserved water.

The landscape firm Di Zock Design, located in Venice, was selected on the basis of recommendations by Village parents. “Di Zock created several plans for us and then we made the selection,” Malone said. “The decision was collaborative.”

In addition to new plants, a drip irrigation system was installed. The school estimates it is saving more than 50 percent of water from previous years by turning off the sprinkler system.

“We are looking forward to nine months from now when the new plant materials have had time to really root themselves and grow and take shape,” Malone said. “We are very proud of the beautification of our campus and street presence on Swarthmore, but we feel the best is still yet to come.”

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