DMV Offers Tips for Using Handicap Placards on Cars at Palisades Senior Alliance Meeting

By Rosemary Kelley

DMV Ombudsman Tressa Thompson discussed handicapped placards and plates at a recent Pacific Palisades Alliance for Seniors meeting.

To use the placard, the handicapped person or persons much must be in the car at all times, especially when parking.

Thompson explained how a son had dropped off his mom at the front of the store and then drove to a handicapped place and parked. He was given a ticket.

Credit: CA DMV

Be careful when parking next to a handicapped parking space. One person parked on the blue line of a handicapped parking place and was given a $450 ticket.

To receive a placard, a doctor makes that decision and it is issued to one person only—it cannot be shared.

Thompson also said that if you suspect someone of misusing the handicapped placard, DO NOT confront them; one has no way of knowing why the placard was issued. Basic rules: 1.) one cannot drop off the handicapped person before parking; 2.) one cannot lend a placard to anyone; 3.) one cannot use someone else’s placard; 4.) one cannot provide false information to obtain a placard or license plate; and 5.) the placard identification card cannot be altered. Placard abuse can result in the cancellation and revocation of the placard and loss of the privileges it provides. Abuse is punishable by an applicable penalty.

Your placard renewal is automatic providing you have not changed addresses. Generally, once it is issued to the disabled person, that person does not need recertification by your licensed medical professional. 

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