Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Lack of Hiking Preparations

Lack of Hiking Preparations

It seems like every week the fire department has to rescue people who get lost while hiking on trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. These people are so unprepared; some don’t even carry water. They’re wearing t-shirts—and maybe have cell phones. Too bad you can’t fix stupid.

Lack of Political Signs

I’ve never seen an election like this one. Some years almost every house on the block has a sign up for the presidential candidate they support. This year I haven’t seen any Trump signs and only a few Hillary signs. I wonder what that means, if anything?

Social Media: Good and Bad

I’m really upset by Nextdoor Palisades. Sometimes it is helpful for people selling furniture, searching for a housekeeper or trying to locate missing pets. But too often people use it as an opportunity to publicly complain about a neighbor or attack an expressed idea. I think if people had to do this in person, they wouldn’t be so mean. I know it’s easier just to sit and type on a computer, but maybe next time pre- tend that you are saying it to someone’s face. Maybe you wouldn’t type the nasty response.

Farmers Market Moves Again

The Palisades farmers market has moved to the stadium parking lot at Palisades High School, away from the hillside student parking lot. I enjoy the new location and I hope it stays, but not if they block cars from the hillside lot, as they did Oct. 23.

(Editor’s note: Palisades High School Director of Operations David Riccardi said that parking lot would be opened. Often there is more than one event at the high school, such as when a big swim meet is being held, and everyone will have to work together.)

No Hauling on Chautauqua

I don’t care what the City Planning Commission ruled about the Caruso haul route. I live on Chautauqua, and I don’t think big trucks filled with dirt should go down this road. It’s winding, the intersection at PCH is always clogged, the asphalt is a mess in one stretch. I guess it’s easy to vote for something in downtown L.A. if you have no idea about the reality of the situation in Pacific Palisades.


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