LA County Board of Supervisors Approves Lease Extension Talks For Gladstone’s Restaurant

By Laurel Busby
Staff Writer

The current concessionaire of Gladstone’s may be staying for up to five more years while new lease terms are negotiated, and permits are obtained for the site’s redevelopment.

Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan’s company, Sea View Restaurants, which now operates Gladstone’s at 17300 PCH, shifted to a month-to-month agreement with the county on Halloween.

However, two weeks later on November 14, the L.A. Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve authorizing the director of the Department of Beaches and Harbors to negotiate a new two- to five-year amendment to the Sea View concessionaire agreement to allow “for the active and continuous operation of a restaurant” while the bid process and subsequent redevelopment proceeds.

Gladstone’s may have a new concessionaire.

Supervisor Sheila Kuehl proposed the change in a motion stating that “it is in the county’s best interest for a restaurant to remain in operation at this site rather than allowing the property to become vacant and, thereby, susceptible to vagrancy, graffiti, deterioration and blight.”

Julie Westby of Riordan’s office said the amendment negotiations were not yet finalized, but were still “in process” as of December 14.

No details have yet been released on the redevelopment proposals that have been received by the county.

“The proposals are still being evaluated,” said Nicole Mooradian of the Department of Beaches and Harbors. “I don’t have a timeline as to when the evaluation will be complete, and the winning proposal presented to the Board.”

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