Movies in the Park Opens on Saturday in Pacific Palisades

The town’s 13th annual Movies in the Park will return on Saturday, August 6, at sundown with a showing of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, rated PG-13.

The movie is sponsored by Marc Michele Eyewear on Antioch.

Every Saturday night in August on the Field of Dreams at the Palisades Recreation Center, 851 Alma Real, residents can enjoy a free movie, free hot dogs and fun at the park. Please, no alcohol, no smoking, no stick chairs and no pets.

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The hot dogs, served by Recreation Center employees, are paid for by Mike Skinner, who was a key leader in the local campaign to fund and build the Field of Dreams.

This year, get ready for the 1989 action/ adventure Indiana Jones, starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, directed by Palisadian Steven Spielberg, by brushing up on some trivia questions:

1.) In what language did Indiana have to count to 20 before his father would listen to him? 2.) What does Indiana fear? 3.) In Raiders of the Lost Ark, what kind of fruit did Indiana almost eat, but later found out was poisoned? 4.) How did Indiana get his name? and 5.) In Last Crusade, what transport did Indiana and his father use to escape the Nazi Control Center?

Movies in the Park, a nonprofit founded in 2004 by David Williams and John Wirth, and joined by Andy Frew and Brad Lusk, has led fundraising efforts, selected movies, created the on-screen and audio ads, announced and advised youth volunteers. Working with them as a volunteer since MITP’s inception is Marilyn Crawford, Palisades Chamber of Commerce administrative assistant.

The movies are possible because of support from Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club; Gelson’s Market; Dan Urbach Real Estate; Jody Fine Estates; SEIA–Estate & Investment Advisors; Botham Plumbing & Heat- ing; PPBA–Pacific Palisades Baseball Association; Bambino–Babysitting App; Optimist Club; Areté–Preparatory Academy; Kehillat Israel; Amalfi Estates; and Horusicky Construction Company.

Coming up on August 13 is the 1937 version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, sponsored by Marquez Knolls Property Owners Association.

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