Naked Man Arrested in Palisades Home

Los Angeles police and Palisades Patrol arrested a man, who was found naked, inside a Palisades home in the 15200 block of Via de las Olas on Wednesday, June 1. He was charged with burglary.

According to Palisades Patrol, the suspect’s name is Jim Barry, born in 1982.


Officers report the call started in the house when the homeowner was in the shower and came out to allegedly find Barry in her bed. He was reportedly under the influence of something, and his pants were found by police elsewhere on the property.

When Palisades Patrol arrived, Barry was found in the garage sitting in the homeowner’s car and refused to come out. Held at gunpoint, the suspect stayed frozen with his hands visible until LAPD arrived and got him out of the car.

According the police, the back door of the home was unlocked.

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