Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Hauling Away the Trash

Hauling Away the Trash

Caltrans and L.A. Recreation and Parks employees worked together and removed 14 truckloads of trash on September 25 along PCH, just south of Temescal Canyon Road. Thank you to all of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness members and volunteers who went into the brush and dragged out trash from abandoned camp sites. Thank you, Caltrans and RAP, for having these mounds of trash hauled away—it was really was an eyesore.

Scolney’s Strong Message

In his Letter to the Editor (September 4, “Remove Palisadian-Post Signs”), Peter Scolney wrote that he was cancelling his subscription to the Post and would not patronize its advertisers until the two signs were taken down from the 881 Alma Real building. I’m taking similar action. The signs should come down. The city ruled that they were illegal (but later had to approve them because of a technicality) and we don’t want others like them around town. Especially at night, all lit up, the signs are outrageous.

The ‘Dog’ with No Chip

I walk my dog on Haverford, and last night I saw this skinny “dog” near Bowdoin. At first, I was a little put out because I thought I should try to catch it so I could return it to its owner, but I was tired and didn’t really want to do that. Then, I realized it was a coyote. Egads, no chip on that thing.

Bonin’s ‘Road Diets’

It seems to me that the News is being mean to Councilman Bonin about his “road diet” plans, which don’t affect Pacific Palisades. He is doing good things for our town. Right now, he’s renewed the speed hump program (which was eliminated in 2009). Just go to, but do it quickly because once the requests are maxed out, that’s it for 2018.

Leaf Blowers & LAPD

Hear, hear to whoever wrote “Ban the Leaf Blowers!” Besides the horrendous noise they make, they are one of the biggest contributors to L.A. smog and contribute to illnesses such as asthma. And here’s the reason the city ordinance can’t be enforced: The police can’t be bothered! Ad- ditionally, calls to the leaf-blower complaint hotline go nowhere. Councilman Bonin needs to help resolve this problem.

(Editor’s note: We have been told that if you call [877] ASK-LAPD and complain, the police will come out and ticket, but they need to see the violator in person. And the gardener needs to be using a gas-powered leaf blower, not an electric blower.)

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