Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Second-Hand Smoke

Second-Hand Smoke

I am in the back of my house at my desk, and I smell pot. I walk to the front of my house, go outside, and sure enough I see kids smoking pot on the bluff. It permeates the entire neighborhood. What can I do? I am breathing in their secondhand smoke! And I’m worried about the fire danger of smoking near the bluffs.

Nix the Coffee Pods?

I read that it takes 500 years for one coffee pod to be broken down. Even though it’s trendy to make one little cup at a time, maybe it’s better environmentally to use the beans or grounds, rather than those little pods.

Abandoned Police Cars

Abandoned police cars have been placed around town for years; there’s now one on Sunset at Temescal Canyon Road. If the LAPD thinks this will help deter crime, the car’s grime is a dead giveaway that no one is actually sitting inside. Here’s a better idea: more police officers roaming our area.

Hysterically Funny Bonin

In your editorial “Fix the Streets: Money Is There,” you gave a link for the City Council budget hearing. When I clicked on Street Services, I heard an impassioned plea from Mitch Englander about spending money on L.A. roads. Just I was about to turn it off [Councilman Mike] Bonin came on—he was so funny, it was almost a Saturday Night Live parody.

(Editor’s Note: The video can be viewed at:, click on Street Services.)

American Legion Largesse

I was told that the American Legion makes almost $2 million annually off its CVS and post-office leases. It sure would be nice if they gave some of it back to the community, since that’s where their money is coming from. But since your paper is associated with the Legion, I bet you won’t print this.

(Editor’s note: The Palisades News is not associated with American Legion Post 283. When he was Legion Commander, Scott Wagenseller launched Post 283 News as a newspaper-style newsletter. In November 2014, he founded the Palisades News as a separate business venture. The American Legion has been generous over the years, making annual donations to every public school, handing out college scholarships and supporting various local organizations. Last year, the Legion donated $35,000 to the Fourth of July parade committee.)


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