Palisades High School Hosts College Fair (Video)


By Sue Pascoe

More than 120 colleges were represented at the annual Palisades High School college fair, held on Oct. 9 in the large and small gymnasiums. Additionally, there were 14 vendors who offered tutoring and college prep help.

The event started at 5 p.m. with two workshops: “The Secrets of Getting into College,” presented by Jeff Schiffman, director of admissions at Tulane, and “How to Get In-State Tuition at an Out-of-State College,” presented by Makayla Hall, director of admissions and recruitment at the University of Nevada, and Teri Ann Matsuda, assistant director of admissions for Colorado Mesa University.

Eight other presentations followed at 6 p.m. and included “Exploring College Options,” “Make College Affordable: Your Best Strategy to Pay for College,” “Mapping Out Your College Application Story,” “Un Taller Pra los Padres de Como Ayduar a Sus Hijos a Ingresar a Una Universidad,” “How to Differentiate Yourself As an Applicant,” “Communicating Your Story: 10 Tips for Writing Powerful College Application Essays,” “The Insider’s Guide to College Admissions Testing—Secrets to Increasing Your SAT/ACT scores” and “Athletic Recruitment and the College Process.”

The workshops were popular, with students and parents filling the rooms. In the large gym, the schools represented ranged from Ivy League colleges to small private institutions and large state universities. This included representatives from every area of the country and from colleges in other countries.

The representatives were willing to answer all questions, including “How could this Palisades News editor gain admission to Harvard?”

“Be authentic,” was the answer. 

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