Palisades News Letters: Praise for the Concert

I want to thank you for all the good press that you have given the Palisades Rocks the Fourth 2017! The Palisades News does a really good job of sharing information, and of course I have to thank you so much for the good press that you published about my new album Unconditionally ( I received quite a few personal emails from people who saw the articles.

I also want to add that Keith Turner and PAPA Productions were fantastic and very professional to work with. We felt very safe and secure with all of the volunteers and the police protection. It was nice to know that all our equipment was safe. It felt very comforting in today’s world to see everyone having a good time and feeling very safe.

I had a great time, especially sharing the stage at the end with such great singers and musicians—and honorable comedians! I can’t thank Keith Turner and his staff enough for believing in me and my music in allowing us to be a part of the celebration.

Keith Carrington Photo: Dan Chapman
Keith Carrington Photo: Dan Chapman

Again, thank you for what you and the paper do, as you provide a great service for readers within our Pacific Palisades community. I love being a part of the Palisades and I certainly did enjoy my night on July 4th at PaliHi under all the fireworks.

Thank you to the News also for doing a great job at covering our wonderful Theatre Palisades community at the Pierson Playhouse. I owe a lot of confidence in what I do because of the training and experience from being involved in this theater group.

Keith Carrington

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