Palisades News Letters: Protect Our Village Editorial

Thank you Bill Bruns and Palisades News for explaining the misunderstood relationship between Rick Caruso and Protect Our Village (POV) in your September 20 editorial.

As we all know, early on, Mr. Caruso sought input from everyone in the community, including people living nearby who expressed concerns. Yes, there are some neighbors in the immediate proximity who have no concerns, but they do not represent the majority of the people who live “close in.”

Although there was no membership to join POV, Bruns correctly stated that more than 120 people signed a petition expressing concerns. Many others verbalized concerns but were reluctant to sign a petition. Both the Facebook page and website for POV were taken down because both were hijacked with threats and blatant lies about the intent of POV.

During one of the first meetings, when asked if Caruso had procedures for working with neighborhoods that could be used as guidelines, the response was that this project was Caruso’s first development so close to a residential neighborhood such as ours.

This was a signal that not only was it important but essential that neighbors get involved, and stay involved, with this development that will change our lives for as long as we live in the Palisades.

Sandy Eddy,
A 20-year resident

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