Quick Chat with PaliHi Football’s Rocky Montz

Palisades High School football’s offensive coordinator, Rocky Montz, believes the team is a lot further along this preseason than last year at this time.

“Even though we’re a younger team, they understand our offensive setup better,” said Montz, a fifth-year coach.

Pali deployed a new offense last season, which means this year’s returning players have more familiarity with it.

“We’re explosive on the offensive side of the ball,” said Moritz, who described the offense as spread sets, uptempo and balanced.

The Dolphins, with their talent, have the ability to run the ball and pass. “We want to put the ball in as many places on the field as we can be,” Montz said.

He, Larry Palmer and Christian Clark came aboard at Pali the same year as Coach Tim Hyde.

Photo: James Riley
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