David Babalyan, 36; Father, Shop Owner

David Babylon was born on August 7, 1980 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He attended elementary school in Baku, Armenia, before moving to Van Nuys, California with his family. He attended Fulton Middle School and graduated from Grant High School in 1999. David died on April 2 in a motorcycle accident in Pacific Palisades.

He got his nickname “BabyFace” because he always had a smile on his face and never appeared to be getting any older.

Babalyan owned an auto repair and mechanic shop, Dave’s Auto Repair, in Sun Valley. His fiance, Angelina Khachaturova, remembers: “David had a customer whose car broke down and was towed into the shop. David did the diagnostics on the car and said that the car needed to stay at the shop overnight in order for it to be fully fixed. The customer lived about three hours away and had no way of getting home without his car. When David told the customer that the car would be ready the next day, the customer got upset, and David asked him what was wrong.


“The customer said that he had no money to spend for a hotel room. David said it was no problem. He took out $200 and handed it to the man, asking him to take it and not to worry about anything but get- ting a room to spend the night.”

As an infant, David’s first word was car (in Russian), and his father, Ken, taught him to drive a stick-shift when he was 11 years old. Cars were a passion with David ever since. 

His daughter, Michelle, was born in 2006 and David said it was the happiest day of his life. Every year on her birthday they would go to Raging Waters. Every Sunday they went go-carting.

In 2008, David joined Ruthless Ryderz, a large club whose members are passionate about motorcycles.

He met his fiance, Angelina, in 2013 and took her on her first motorcycle ride. She said that he was the one guy who always had a smile on his face because he often cracked jokes. And that anytime anyone needed a favor, David was the first one there.

He lost his mother, Alla Babalyan, to lung cancer on July 3, 2014. David spoke a lot about his mother after her death, and it was obvious how much he missed her.

In addition to his father, daughter and fiancé, David is also survived by his sister, Inessa, who was one of his best friends. He also leaves behind his friends in the Ruthless Ryderz.

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