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Dead Trees at Park
Many of the pine trees at the Recreation Center are dead, dead, dead. Likely a result of the drought and bark beetle. I have had three dead trees removed from behind my house and was told that they were a danger as they get brittle and limbs can fall off. Don’t know whether that’s true or not, but the arborist had no reason to try to frighten me as he had his crew already removing my trees. If true, the trees at the park need to come down ASAP, but I don’t think the City of L.A. will share my concern.
Put Benches in Dog Park
I have a suggestion for the Palisades PRIDE benches and streetlights that may be removed from Swarthmore. Why don’t we earmark them for the Palisades dog park when we manage to convince the “powers that be” to create one?! They would be put to good use and appreciated.
Flowers from Caruso
I heard from a neighbor, who spoke in favor of the Caruso project at the March 24 Planning Department hearing, that she received flowers from Rick with a signed note.
(Editor’s note: There’s nothing wrong with thanking people who support you. Another person in the Alphabet Streets wrote the News that “I thought the flowers were a cheesy touch. A lot of people in my neighborhood got them.”)
Dog Park Hopeful
I’ve been reading about the people working to get a dog park in Pacific Palisades. To paraphrase Caruso supporters—start bulldozing tomorrow! I can’t wait until I can let my dog run off-leash.
More Restaurants
Whoever sent in the long list of restaurants in the Palisades forgot to include Beech Street, which has beer and wine, and Marix in Santa Monica Canyon, which has a full bar and some decent margaritas. They also overlooked Patrick’s Roadhouse, which has great breakfasts, but no booze. And of course there is Shore Bar, which has the best drinks in all of Los Angeles, but the lines are too long on a weekend to stop by for just one.
Nextdoor Palisades
Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a lot of anger on the Nextdoor Palisades site directed at other people who have different opinions? This is America, right?
If you’d like to share something you’ve “heard about town,” please email it to spascoe@palisadesnews.com
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