Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Palisadian-Post Signs Are Illegal

Chipotle and the Council

I attended the Pacific Palisades Community Council meeting which you wrote about in your August 9 editorial and I think it’s ridiculous to think that teens will use Chipotle as a place to find somebody’s unfinished beer. I’ve been to a couple other locations where they offer beer and it is not a problem at all. These kids get their alcohol either at home or at markets/liquor stores where they find/pay older guys to buy it for them.

Post Signs Are Illegal

The large Palisadian-Post signs that were recently installed on the 881 Alma Real building are illegal, according to the Pacific Palisades Specific Plan. The city agreed that the signs were illegal, but because the planning department took too long to notify the Post’s owner during the appeal process, he was able to put them up. This just seems like another problem with Councilman Mike Bonin’s office, and I for one am now supporting his recall along with Playa Vista and Brentwood residents. Visit:

City Is to Blame

The Post signs are a true mockery of our Specific Plan, thanks to inept city nonac- tion. A shameful act on the owner’s part and a shameful collaboration by the build- ing’s owner. The signs imply a major newspaper operation inside the building, when in truth the Post occupies only one small office on the second floor.

Upset By the Signs

Sad, so sad. It’s too bad no one from the Palisadian-Post lives in town, so they would have a better sense why residents are so upset by the illegal signs. Equally upsetting: the tall, beautiful pine trees in front of the building were cut down, mak- ing one of the signs even more visible.

Movies in the Park

I went to see “Grease” at Movies in the Park. I hadn’t been in a few years, but it was everything I remembered. Friendly people, the cool ocean breezes making a jacket absolutely necessary (in August), free hot dogs, and then of course the movie. Thanks to the people who came up with this idea and keep it going.

Trim Your Landscaping

We live in the Alphabet streets and love to take walks, but it’s difficult to walk two abreast without running into bushes or being hit by branches. Years ago, we were close to having an ordinance ruling that homeowners had to keep their landscaping cut back from the sidewalk. Is this something that can be enforced?


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