Pacific Palisades Heard About Town: Take the Money PPCC

Traffic Slowing Method

The City of Los Angeles has figured out a way to slow speeding cars. They don’t repair streets, which results in bumps and potholes, thereby forcing people to drive real slow so they don’t wreck their cars. Brilliant.

Well-Stated Viewpoint

The Nov. 16 Viewpoint by Gina Ladinsky (“Community Council Needs Transparency”) was right on point. Who is she? I jumped for joy when I read it.

Take the Money

I read the Viewpoint that mentioned how the city gives neighborhood councils about $37,000 annually to be used in the community. Why don’t we have one, instead of the Community Council, in order to receive this money?

(Editor’s note: Pacific Palisades Community Council treasurer Richard Cohen said that the PPCC supports itself with tax-deductible contributions from community members and proceeds from the annual Citizen of the Year dinner. PPCC’s leadership believes that the stipend provided to NCs comes with many strings attached that would limit that body’s effectiveness. “Fortunately, Pacific Palisades has numerous beautification, civic and recreational organizations that provide a high level of service to the community without the necessity for PPCC to accept City of L.A. funding,” Cohen said.)

A Conversation Disrupted

A friend and I were enjoying a cup of coffee on the Village Green, when a woman came over and started screaming how she was going to kill everyone. She then started yelling at a tree. It became obvious that she was homeless and mentally ill, but what do you do? It seems like we should have been able to finish our conversation and not be forced out of the park.

(Editor’s note: The Village Green is a privately-owned, community-supported park for the enjoyment of all residents. That means that people who are disruptive can be asked to leave. Palisades Patrol has been supplying free service to the park. They could have been called in this instance.)

Pot Drivers Are a Hazard

I was behind a car on Sunset that was going 20 mph. Cars were swerving around him. I finally passed him, too. The driver was a guy in his 20s, really “relaxed looking,” both hands on the steering wheel, totally oblivious to the disruption he was causing. Drinking and driving is a bad idea, being stoned and driving is equally bad.


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