Pacific Palisades’ Swarthmore Donor Tiles Will Return With Rick Caruso’s Blessing—Along Sunset

By Sue Pascoe

When Caruso began constructing its Palisades Village project, the PRIDE donor tiles that had been imbedded in the sidewalks on both sides of Swarthmore (north of Sunset) could not be salvaged.

At the time, Rick Caruso promised PRIDE, a local beautification nonprofit, that once Swarthmore was reopened there would be a place for the tiles. PRIDE has been working closely with Caruso for the past four years to ensure they would be reinstated.

On May 16, Caruso announced, with PRIDE’s blessing, that he will replace the original tiles with nearly 1,100 tailor-made bricks that will be engraved with the same names and sentiments as represented on each of the original donor tiles.

These new bricks will be installed in the ground as part of the public sidewalk along Sunset, just east of Swarthmore. PRIDE is excited to announce that it is offering donors an opportunity to purchase a limited number of new bricks (and new messages), donated by Caruso. The money raised will be used for future PRIDE beautification projects.

Photo: Wendy Price Anderson

The original tiles, featuring a dolphin logo, were part of a fundraising campaign led by local businessman and Optimist Club member Wally Miller, and his fellow Palisades Optimist Club members Hal Maninger and Charles McGlothlin, who took charge of a fundraising campaign to beautify and upgrade Swarthmore in the mid-1990s.

The ambitious project included resurfacing old street paving, curbs and sidewalks; removing damaging ficus trees; and enhancing the street with new Chinese flame trees and decorative grates, iron street furniture, new trash receptacles, stone benches and antique-style lampposts adorned with hanging flower baskets.

To help underwrite these major improvements, PRIDE successfully accumulated more than $500,000 through generous individual donations, a community fundraising event and funds allocated by the City of Los Angeles.

Local individuals and businesses were given the opportunity to purchase personalized tiles and brass plaques to honor their families and loved ones with their donation dollars, which contributed to the renovation project.

When the Palisades Village project began, benches, receptacles and brass plaques from Swarthmore and Monument were stored with the goal of relocating them to specific sites throughout town.

Today, local individuals and businesses can still donate to PRIDE to assist in current and future Palisades beautification projects.

Donation options include general giving as well as the purchasing and naming of benches and trash receptacles and the purchase of a limited number of bricks to be placed on the new donor “Walk of PRIDE” location on Sunset.

For more information, call 310-459-7963 or visit For questions related to donor tiles, call PRIDE Vice President John Padden at 310-256-1152 or email

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