PaliHi Track and Field Removal Begins

by Sue Pascoe

The removal of the Palisades High School running track and synthetic turf field began on Thursday, June 29. By Saturday afternoon, the existing track had been scraped up and the pieces were waiting to be hauled away. Portions of the turf were cut, rolled up and stacked on the south side of the field, also waiting removal.

Dane Gurwell, demolition supervisor for AFE Sports, the company hired to replace the track and turf field, said they hoped to complete the demolition by Friday, July 7.

Initially, the field/track replacement was scheduled to begin on June 8, the day after graduation, in order to be finished in time for the football season. But when PaliHi’s former director of operations David Riccardi stepped down, the project was delayed by three weeks.

Palisades Charter High School track and field on June 1, 2017.


Palisades Charter High School track and field on June 1, 2017.

The goal is to have the playing field ready for the first home football game on August 31, against Sylmar. Barring that, the next home game is September 22 against Huntington Park.


Palisades High School 2017 Football Schedule

  • August 25: Cleveland (away)
  • August 31: Sylmar (home)
  • September 8: Granada Hills (away)
  • September 15: South Gate (away)
  • September 22: Huntington Park (home)
  • October 6: Hamilton (home)
  • October 13: Fairfax (away)
  • October 20: Westchester (home)
  • October 27: Venice (home)
  • November 3: University (away)
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