Palisades News Letters – Update: Temescal Wood Dumping

Because you’ve been . . . concerned about the illegal wood dumping on Temescal Canyon Road, I wanted to share some good news. We are making progress. We now have more signage and a way to report dumping.

A big thank you to Rec and Parks for adding more signs. I am still working on getting other signs posted from Bureau of Street Services.

Please note there are two parts to reporting: clean-up and enforcement. Enforcement is the key.

  1. Clean-up: When anyone sees wood on the road, please report it to 311. It should be reported as “illegal dumping/bulky items.”
  2. Enforcement: If anyone witnesses someone actively dumping wood, then please try to get the following: license plate, video/photos of people dumping, location as accurate as possible, date and time, detailed and concise statement, 311 service request number.

Information may be sent to Arnoldo Avila at Street Use Investigations (

Also, I know that some community members enjoy the free firewood and “recycling” aspect. After a conversation with [Palisades] arborist Carl Mellinger, I found out that many arborists will often bring wood directly to a home (often for free). What a nice service!

It is safer for people loading it, safer in that we do not have fuel for open fires near hillsides, and safer in helping to not spread the polyphagous shot hole borer.

As we approach the winter months, we can reach the goal of reduced dumping, and have ways for community members to get firewood. The other part is to ensure that people either hire ISA-certified arborists, or at the very least, ask for a dumping slip before final payment. (This will also help diminish illegal dumping.)

Lisa Cahill
Field Deputy, Councilman Mike Bonin

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