Palisadians Should Expect Delays on Sunset Boulevard

by Sue Pascoe

Now through June, expect driving delays on Sunset Boulevard between El Medio and Via de la Paz. The next phase of the Temescal Canyon Pole-top Distribution Station installation will involve working in an underground vault on Sunset. A warning sign for the DWP’s “Power Reliability Project” was posted March 16 on the median between Temescal Canyon Road and El Medio.


At an October meeting regarding the pole-top distribution station, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials said their preferred site was El Medio “because of cost ($240,000 vs. much higher on Temescal) and proximity to an existing underground vault—60 ft. as opposed to one 500 ft. away (which will necessitate working on Sunset towards Gelson’s).”

The Temescal site for the three 61-ft.-high poles was chosen after the proposed El Medio site drew intense dissent from neighbors.

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